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If You Like What You See The Bi-Monthly A5 Booklet Is Only

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£15 A Year (R.O.W.)


November to December 2023

November to December 2023


New Stock Items

As usual a nice mix of lengths of films, thereís some new features on the list, as well as many new short subjects, so why not have a look! Iíve still got a number of Bonum 200í spools, Iíd class them as new old stock, they are not sealed, and do not have the paper cover, but they are brand new as the plastic pegs inside the reels have never been broken off, I think Iíve got about 15 or so, Iím selling them at £7 each or 3 for £20 (plus p&p). I also have four brand new and sealed Gepe 200í reels at £9 Each (plus p&p)


New Equipment

I sold the Beaulieu 708 EL Stereo I had on my last lists, but I now have another Beaulieu for sale, the model this time is the Beaulieu 708 EL Double Track, this has just been serviced as well, so let me know if interested, and Iím repeating what I said about the quirks of these machines. Firstly Every 8mm film that is put through the projector MUST be trimmed with the attached film trimmer, otherwise it will not feed at all, Secondly you load the film via a button at the top of the projector, you do not feed in the film like other projectors by turning the forward projection switch on, this just does not work, and can cause damage to the projector, I will reiterate this to anyone interested in it. I also have in stock a Carnall 8mm Equaliser, which trims any 8mm film which may be a little over wide, you use it with rewind arms, full instructions included.


Discounts November to December 2023

Iím keeping the discount on 200í silent films at 50%, as Iím still trying to shift a few titles, otherwise just look at the top of each OLD STOCK 8mm column and you will see the discount on that size of film, it will be either 25% or 30%.There is also some limited offers on Equipment, please look on the page for the offers. All offers run until 31st December 2023, and please donít forget your P&P


Return of the Christmas Quiz

Yes once again I have produced another Christmas Quiz, and once again Iíve made it quite easy, all you have to do is find the common missing word from 12 questions, then send me those missing words by email or post, and for every correct entry I will put £2 CREDIT into the prize pot, as well as a few mystery prizes of brand new 200í films, so once again itís down to you, the more that enter, the more prizes I can give out, so come on, have a go!


The Christmas Quiz 2023


This yearís quiz consists of 12 missing words that end the first film title and starts the next film title; itís as easy as that. To help you out I will give the year of each film and how many letters are in the missing word


As usual the amount of prizes is down to you, for every correct entry I will add £2 CREDIT to the winners pot, the more that enter, the more prizes there will be.


I will also add some bonus prizes of brand new 200í prints.




A) Empire of the (1987) --- (3) Valley Serenade (1941)


B) Gods and (1998) -------- (8) University (2013)


C) Dark (1990) ----- (5) and Day (2010)


D) Seventh (2014) --- (3) of Kong (1933)


E) Jumpiní Jack (1986) ----- (5) Gordon (1980)


F) The Great (1963) ------ (6) From New York (1981)


G) The Day After (2004) -------- (9) Never Dies (1997)


H) Treasure (2002) ------ (6) of the Apes (1968)


I) Fast times at Ridgemont (1982) ---- (4) Plains Drifter (1973)


J) Strange (1995) ---- (4) of Thunder (1990)


K) All Dogs go to (1989) ------ (6) Can Wait (1978)


L) The Running (1987) --- (3) on Fire (2004)


There You Have It


Please Send in Your Entries by 31/12/23


Email or Postal Entries Only


Good Luck!


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