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If You Like What You See The Bi-Monthly A5 Booklet Is Only

£8 A Year (U.K.)

£10 A Year (Europe)

£15 A Year (R.O.W.)


January to February 2024

January to February 2024


Trials and Tribulations

Iíve had a few bad weeks recently, in early December I recreated a scene from ďHome Alone 2Ē, as I slipped on some black ice, I went up in the air and landed heavily on my back, which damaged my neck and back muscles, which has meant that I can only stand or walk for short times, Iíve got exercises that are gradually helping. Iím not sure if it was the fall, but I started having troubles with my fingers, swelling up, and going red, they are very painful and now Iíve had loads of blood tests, and X-Rays to come, but the Doctor thinks it could be some kind of Arthritis starting, just something else to contend with, still none of this will make me give up, in fact itís made me more determined to carry on, such is life!

ChristmasQuiz ÖThe Winners are!

I had a total of 36 entries this time (which seems to be the norm!) which garnered a prize pot of £72, I bumped it up to £75 to make the prizes as even as possible. The winners are listed below:


1st prize of a £25 CREDIT NOTE was won by Stuart Hilliker

2nd prize of a £20 CREDIT NOTE was won by Eivind Mork

3rd prize of a £15 CREDIT NOTE was won by Graham Smith

4th prize of another £15 CREDIT NOTE went to Mark Dawson

5th , 6th & 7th prizes of a new 200í sound film went to:

Mike Royce, Mark Norton & Tom Photiou


New Stock Items

As usual a nice mix of lengths of films, thereís some new features on the list, as well as many new short subjects, so why not have a look! Iíve still got a number of Bonum 200í spools, Iíd class them as new old stock, they are not sealed, and do not have the paper cover, but they are brand new as the plastic pegs inside the reels have never been broken off, I think Iíve got about 15 or so, Iím selling them at £7 each or 3 for £20 (plus p&p). I also have four brand new and sealed Gepe 200í reels at £9 Each (plus p&p)


Discounts January to February 2024

Iím keeping the discount on 200í silent films at 50%, as Iím still trying to shift a few titles, otherwise just look at the top of each OLD STOCK 8mm column and you will see the discount on that size of film, it will be either 25% or 30%.There is also some limited offers on Equipment, please look on the page for the offers. All offers run until February 29th 2024. and please donít forget your P&P


Stop PressÖBlackpool 2024 confirmed dates

This yearís dates are November 15th, 16th and 17th, more info will be supplied nearer the time


Order Form
8mm Sales List
Film Ramblings
Equipment Sales List