Keith Wilton has advised the next BFCC is being planned for late October 2018 but is currently dependent on the usual venue coming through with a date. This is expected to be finalized in May. The event will see Mr. Wilton backed up by Ray Bruno, Mark Williams and Murray Paterson and if all goes well these chaps will take a more leading role in the future.

As more news becomes available we will post it here so keep watching.

The previous two events both ran at substantial loss so I would urge you to support the the proposed event in October 2018 and also Keith's latest DVD/Blu-Ray release "THE LAST PICTURE SHOW" which highlights the unique nature of the conventions in more recent times with HD transfers of several of the shows from the 65th BFCC in 2016, plus the fabulous show put on for the 50th event back in October 2005. Take a look at the FILMTEK page and if you can put an order through for this or any other Filmtek DVD release it could make all the difference to the ongoing survival of the original film collecting convention. 15 for the double DVD and 17.50 for the BD. A good response to this latest release really could make a difference.

For those of us seriously interested in the film collecting hobby I strongly recommend Keith's "THE MEN BEHIND THE MOVIES" which is all about the history of the package movie and the men who edited them, plus the history of the BFCC with much of the Super 8 footage we screened at the 65th event in Part 1. Visit the FILMTEK page and to order this title or any other please go to the FILMTEK ORDER PAGE and scroll to the bottom of that screen for the Men Behind The Movies series. I guarantee that once you've seen part 1, you'll want to see them all.

John C.