Vikash Mehta and Mark Wilton taking decisive action on how the side masking goes on the screen. Good lads!

But it's Keith to the rescue when they can't sort it out.

Cabling up the extensive THX sound system for the day.

The Super 8 and 16mm projectors set up and ready to entertain.

Duncan of Derann looks happy. Must have been all the beer at lunchtime... could've been the takings.

Phil and Denise Sheard of Classic Home Cinema. Again many new wonderful imports from Classic supplied for the Victoria Hall shows.

The regular BFCC projectionist Paul Garrick in his trusted position.

It took a lot of effort to put on the ambitious shows this time. Both Keith Wilton and John Clancy arrived on the day wondering quite why they had let themselves in for such pressure. Sound from DVD is not an easy medium from which to use extracts. This is because part of the disc has to be synchronized to the extract being shown on Super 8. Previously when we've done this from VHS we have compiled an identical show on tape to the Super 8 show and once it starts running, assuming everything is working perfectly, it runs all the way through without attention.

To achieve a similar result using DVD requires two players. Whilst one is playing the other has to be set to the correct time code on the disc. When it is time to move onto a different extract it is necessary to swap between DVD players and then set the Super 8 rolling at the exact frame required. Only on "The Fifth Element" did we get this slightly out. However, it only required a minor adjustment to marry the two into synchronization.

We really made things difficult for ourselves when we selected a 20 minute extract for "Spider-Man". Typically the sequence we chose went right across the layer change on the DVD. In order to minimise the work on the day the Super 8 print was cut and black frames put in to match the exact time it took for the DVD player to change layers. Much testing of this ensued before we were confident there wouldn't be any need to adjust the synchronization. It worked as expected.

We are extremely flattered with the response we have had so far. So many people have said the same thing along the lines of "I can't believe we have just been watching Super 8". We feel the same way. When you see how good modern Super 8 can be on the 24foot screen and combine that with sound to rival many a good cinema it is a result that really is unbelievable. We have always tried to put ourselves out for the shows at the BFCC's and Saturday's was about as ambitious as we have ever attempted. However, it is never always plain sailing and we did have a couple of hiccups besides the minor adjustment already mentioned regarding "The Fifth Element"...

The first sync' pulse show had a false start as we had left the GS-1200 in the pause mode. Fortunately it only took a few seconds to re-adjust and have a successful second attempt.

When switching back to 16mm for "The Yangtze Incident" the wrong hifi leads had been connected up to the amplifier. A quick correction and a reverse on the projector saw us running okay a minute later.