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If you are interested in making movies there is no better place to track down cine cameras, splicers, editors, projectors etc. than the BFCC - the best and original film collectors convention. The conventions have most recently been held at the St. Benedicts Independent Day School, Ealing in London see MAP. At the time of writing further conventions are under review so please see the Next Event page for details and further updates. Also for details of the upcoming Blackpool film collectors convention.

A beautiful video of the 65th BFCC compiled by Stuart Hilliker.

Super 8 has been the mainstay of the convention since its inception but we have regularly enjoyed 35mm shows as well as the long established 16mm shows. 70mm even made a couple of appearances thanks to the efforts of 70mm enthusiast Ben Wales. For all these shows a 24ft wide cinemascope screen was utilized which really had to be seen to be believed. Super 8 really can work even at this magnification thanks in no small part to the HTI lamp conversion by projector service man Bill Parsons who carried out this unprecendented update to John Clancy's Elmo GS1200 in 2004.

The BFCC film shows have been renowned all over the world for providing unrivalled big screen entertainment. We even welcomed regulars to the conventions who had no interest in film collecting but came along every time simply to enjoy the shows.

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High quality transfers of several of the shows from the 65th BFCC held in October 2016 plus the famous 50th BFCC Morning Show. More details on the Filmtek page HERE

Independent 8 Online On BFCC.BIZ

Renowned actor Brian Murphy is the British Film Collectors Convention Patron. For more information click here.