Independent 8 Film Dealer Now Online

Barry and Michael Attwood's dealership 'Independent 8' have been supporters of the BFCC for many years. Prior to setting up in business Barry was employed by releasing Super 8 distributor Cinema Entertainment Company (later CEC Films). When CEC ceased trading Independent 8 was established and all CEC's stock was purchased by the new company. That was some time ago now and Independent 8 are still trading despite them not having had a dealing presence at the BFCC for the last few events (due to transport problems and family commitments). Hopefully this will change in the future. In the meantime Independent 8 now have a presence on the web courtesy of (click here ) and it is hoped we will update the sales lists and articles from their newsletter as they are published. BFCC has no affiliation to the company and are simply posting their newsletter to help collectors all over the world find those elusive titles. It is the intention we shall post other dealers lists who attend the BFCC's in the future as this web site is dedicated to promoting all aspects of the film collecting hobby.

In the past Independent 8 have been responsible for many great trailer reel releases. These often pop up on second hand lists with perhaps the pick of the bunch being the triple trailer reel which included "The Fifth Element". Wouldn't it be wonderful to see that feature released on Super 8? That is one of the attractions of film collecting - you never know what you are going to find.

Currently Independent 8 have a Summer sale so please see "The Front Page" for details.