The latest issue of Derann's magazine 'Film For The Collector' (incorporating the BFCC's 'Super 8 Film Review' is available from Derann now (Tel: 44 (0)1384 Assuming they don't sell out immediately worth getting in touch as this edition includes 23 new Super 8 release reviews, convention reviews, snippets of news and forthcoming releases plus a host of other information and articles related to the hobby.

Rumours abound of some rather exciting forthcoming releases from both Classic and Derann so the present level of new material we have enjoyed looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Could be a worthwhile time to subscribe to this, the only A4 magazine still published for the film collecting hobby. A subscription charge of 14 will supply the next four issues.


Changes to this site are carrying on. The Independent 8 pages Independent8.html most recently added are proving very popular and seem to be getting more browsers than anything else and if worthwhile it is hoped we will add more dealers to the site in the future. There is always the chance with Barry and Michael at Independent 8 they will re-enter the distribution game again providing something comes up which they consider will sell so worthwhile keeping an eye on their bi-monthly newsletters.

The Home Cinema pages have received a new cinema addition. See home cinemas page 2. It was always the intention with these pages to include many of the cinemas featured in Filmtek's 'Armchair Odeons' video releases of the 1990's. We still plan for this to happen and for the site to become the best example of what can be achieved reproducing a cinema in the home anywhere on the web. Nowadays many publications and web sites believe a home cinema involves as little as a television screen with sound connected to an A/V amp. We hope the examples already given on dispel that myth.

Keith Wilton is considering re-issuing the 'Armchair Odeons' series on DVD-R format. Anyone interested should let him know via email as a lot of work will be required in going back to the original elements and compiling them again with the same soundtracks. A job not to be taken lightly and will have to be worthwhile prior to commencing.