X-Files - The Movie & Mighty Joe (AKA Mighty Joe Young) Trls 4.45 mins Col Snd Scope Dist. Classic Home Cinema

A bang up to date scope release from Classic Home Cinema. And what a release! In addition to the two trailers the reel opens with a black and white dayset “Preview of Coming Attractions” and closes with “Also Selected Short Subjects”.

First is Mighty Joe Young with a scope frame masked at the side to present an image of approximately 2x1. This looks mightily impressive if you are able to enlarge it to something around or over 10ft by 5ft. An outstanding montage of images is contained and a basic outline of the story which no doubt many collectors will already know as the original has been available on Super 8 for many years. For those that don’t it is the story of a giant gorilla (Joe Young of the title) captured in the wild and shipped back to civilization. But Joe wants to go home and he escapes causing havoc around the city where he has been taken. Breathtaking!

Second is the big screen outing for one of the most successful television shows of recent years. Personally I don’t watch the TV series, however, the film came recommended so I attended with an open mind... and what a film! There may be several faults in the plot and much implausibility but for a modern picture of this type it has to rate as one of the more successful.

The cinematic adventures of Mulder and Scully are well documented in this trailer and it is certainly another of those that leaves you wanting for more. We see flashing images of explosions, stunts, first rate visual effects and short dialogue sequences divulging the basic plot... before returning to a sense of realism when the house lights come back on.

An extremely good reel with image quality to knock spots off any video projector you may have mistakenly purchased. The sound on this review copy is also of the highest order with X-Files proving to have better sound than that I obtained on a HiFi VHS tape. Needless to say it has not been re-recorded. Joe Young has the edge in terms of picture quality.

Very highly recommended. Now Phil, about a feature release of The X-Files...

Print A Sound A/A* John Clancy