THE TIME MACHINE & SPIDERMAN trailers 1x200ft Available from Classic Home Cinema 5mins 20 secs

This reel went down a storm at the recent BFCC and rightly so. I was lucky enough to get the last copy off Classic’s stand.

There is a ‘Classic Multiplex’ dayset on the front which is very nice before we are taken into the trailer for the remake of ‘The Time Machine’. This movie has received a cold reception from the critics over here. This is a pity as the trailer is wonderful. The ‘time traveller’ is not the character from the original H.G. Wells novel, despite being dressed in early 1900’s fashion, as we see him visit an interactive museum where the computer generated guide answers his question for information about the time machine with mention of both the original novel and film by George Pal. It certainly looks interesting and gives us plenty of scenes from the film.

The trailer for Spiderman is in the scope format but masked at the edges to give a ratio of about 2:1. An excellent trailer but apart from the format is exactly the same as that available from Derann. Which one to buy? As you would expect the flat version has better definition but this one is scope – and besides this reel has The Time Machine included. I couldn’t decide so I now have them both!

The picture throughout this reel is first class and up to the modern Super 8 excellence we have been lucky enough to enjoy on Super 8 for some years now. The colour is good. Time Machine provides slightly sharper resolution than Spiderman but only just. The sound is also good.

Highly recommended.

Print A/A* Sound A John Clancy