SPIDERMAN 1x100ft Available from Derann 2mins 35 secs

As a boy my favourite comic was ‘Spiderman Comics Weekly’. I even had issue number 1 and I have always regretted the day my collection was accidentally disposed of some 13 years ago. I knew the characters and all the villains inside out. So who better to review this trailer from Derann?

A rather nice ‘Virgin Cinemas’ dayset precedes the trailer. The origin of Spiderman is not exactly as I remember it but pretty accurate; he’s bitten by a radioactive spider in the comic but in this trailer it is a genetically modified spider. This soon has him (Peter Parker) climbing up walls and hanging onto ceilings. Peter Parker is a bit of a studious scientist at school and because of this a friend introduces him to his scientist father Norman Osborne (played by Willem Dafoe). Unfortunately one of Norman’s experiments goes wrong and the Green Goblin is created. Now he was one of the best enemies Spiderman ever had and now he’s a live-action creation in a film that has taken the most money of any opening weekend in the USA.

Kirsten Dunst is the love interest but judging by the couple of minutes included on this reel she has the annoying habit of saying ’WOW’ every time she opens her mouth. Apart from that this film looks really exciting.

The print is excellent, the sound is good.

Print A/A* Sound A John Clancy