ROLLS ROYCE AIR DISPLAY 1x200ft (8mins approx.) Available from Derann

This is a Movietone News short from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year of 1977.

This reviewer is a bit of a classic car buff but I don’t care much for the Rolls Royce marque. Hence, the opening couple of minutes at Windsor Castle while the Queen admires a drive past of historic Rollers worth £8m from as far afield as South Africa, USA and Australia did not appeal to me particularly. Incidentally, the earliest car featured was constructed in 1904.

We are then informed that this gathering was merely a forerunner to the rally of vintage automobiles at Ascot race course the following day. The cars here are infinitely more interesting with such names as Bugatti, Ford Model T, Aston Martin, and Bentley. I’m pretty sure there is a three wheeler Morgan in there somewhere too. You may find yourself winding the reel backwards and forwards picking out more and more historic vehicles from a forgotten age.

And as if the above wasn’t enough to keep us interested, our Queen and Prince Charles are then taken to an air show. We are shown so many different and varied aircraft that it is impossible to note them all down, however, those most worthy of note are a Sopwith Camel Bi-plane from World War 1, a Harrier Jump Jet, a twin tailed Vampire, the Lancaster bomber, a US Flying Fortress and a Spitfire. But it is a surprising plane which steals the show, particularly as it is wearing British Airways livery - it is a VC10 which enters from screen left “flying at zero feet”. The first viewing of this hurtling across your living room so low is an awe-inspiring site. Also, keep a look out for the member of the audience with the Super 8 camera.

Another excellent release which again has surprisingly good print quality. Very similar to that of ‘Down To The Sea In Ships’ reviewed elsewhere in this issue and can again be highly recommended.

Print A/B Sound A John Clancy