Despite the change of date the convention of 22nd May 2004 drew collectors from all over the world

Doug Meltzer from New York and Paul and Betty Adsett from Florida came over to join us this time. We are extremely 'chuffed' that they went to all the effort. It is great to have support from so far away and our sincere thanks go to them and as usual to everyone else who attended, in particular, our regular collector from Belgium who never seems to miss a BFCC. And also our thanks to the stalwarts organizing the bring and buy and all those who had dealers tables on the day.

At lunchtime members of the 8mm Forum ( ) joined us in the projection area for a beer and a photo session in front of the big screen. Anyone reading this not a member of this forum would do well to register. Much technical help and discussion is available from some very knowledgeable people.

Below is the programme of shows from the day. The sync' pulse shows worked flawlessly and given there were four of them this was quite an achievement. Judging by the response from so many on the day it is clear these shows went down very well. The THX Dolby Digital 5.1 sound enhanced the excellent picture quality provided by Derann and Classic and we hope the demonstration of what can be achieved from modern Super 8 went some way to dispelling any misconceptions that such a high standard cannot be replicated in the home.

There should be plenty of pictures posted from the day on the 'Past Events' page shortly.

10am Doors open. Mad rush for the dealers tables and duelling at the bring and buy.

11.15 "Oliver the 8th". Laurel and Hardy Super 8 complete three reeler opens the shows in the cavernous Victoria Hall cinema.Late 70's Blackhawk print.

11.45 Sprockets Galore! A compilation of Bell and Howell instructional projector shorts; including a rare item from the late 1940's/early 1950's showing the building and testing of the then current machine. Apparently no one ever realized you needed to know how to use the projector in order to run the film instructing you on how to thread it up!

12.15pm Super 8 New & Recent Releases Part One. "Buddy's Theatre" black and white cartoon available from Classic Home Cinema proved extremely popular. Show also included the marvellous Derann extract from "Gunfight at the OK Corral" (complete with VistaVision opening), and from Classic "Rear Window" and "Rio Bravo" plus trailers to "Master & Commander", "Lost in Translation" etc.. Finally the stereo CGI short "Early Bloomer" which raised a good response.

12.45 A break for lunch and a collector get together in the projection area. The beers were on Wilton!

2.15 Super 8 New & Recent Releases Part Two - 'Scope. "Lord of the Rings", "Titanic", "First Blood", plus trailers to "Return of the King" and "The Last Samurai".

3.00 New and Recent Releases Part 3. THX Sync' pulse presentation with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. First is "Gladiator" with the Battle for Germania Super 8 extract imported by Derann.
3.15 THX Dolby Digital 'Scope presentation of Derann's Super 8 imported extract to "The Fifth Element".
3.30 THX Dolby Digital 'Scope presentation of Derann's first imported Super 8 extract from "Gladiator", the Battle of Carthage.

3.45 New & Recent Releases Part 4 - "Spider-Man" (a Classic Home Cinema Super 8 import) is showcased with an extended extract synchronized to the Dolby Digital soundtrack of the region 2 DVD through the THX sound system. The sync' pulse system used was first developed by Keith Wilton in the early 1980's. People still tell us it can't possibly work!

4.15 Black and White 16mm Showcase: "The Yangtze Incident" - minor classic British war film. The true story of HMS Amathyst introduced by the orgainizer - stirring stuff! Full supporting programme of clips from "Young Frankenstein" and "Footlight Parade".

5.00 Super 8 "Big Business" Laurel and Hardy classic silent with piano track. If Stan and Ollie can sell Christmas trees in July, we can certainly show this in May!