Juergen Lossau's full colour cine magazine 'smallformat' has been published for several years now. It was launched without enough subscribers to guarantee its long term survival and was therefore a bit of a risk by the publishers. It was hoped that distribution would increase as time went by as film collectors and film makers discovered the magazine. In this regard it has been incredibly successful but despite gaining thousands of subscribers we are told just 200 more are required to guarantee the long term future of this excellent journal.

So if you are not yet a subscriber then please go to smallformat's web site and complete the Subcription section. There is also a pdf subscription for online only readers (US $ 30/Euro 24.95).

To whet your appetite here are the items listed for the forthcoming issue...

KLOSE ON THE FINAL STRAIGHT Jürgen Lossau discusses the man who created a newly designed Super-8 cartridge

FILM FAIRS 2008 and useful hints concerning film festival entries

OUT OF THE BOX (Part 9) The history of the package movie: Universal 8 and Marketing Films, reported by John Clancy, Keith Wilton and Andreas Eggeling

AUSTRALIA 2007 & 2008 Past and future film events from down under

RETURN OF A LEGEND The Beaulieu Pro8mm Classic spent a week on the test bench in our editorial office

3 MONTHS FOR 3 MINUTES Colin Dewar from Cambridge (UK) about his animated film “Everything but...”

HAND PROCESSING REVERSAL MOTION PICTURE FILM Ken Paul Rosenthal on drugs that make a film look better

ROLE REVERSAL Jan-Keno Janssen discovers that cinemas are increasingly moving to abandon celluloid

A DATE WITH CINEMATIC HISTORY Ronald Vedrilla looks into Manfred Romboy’s private cinema

THE MAN IN UNIFORM Jörg Maske celebrates private cinema in a row house

CELEBRATING DOUBLE 8 We ask small gauge filmmaker Ronald Vedrilla to pay tribute to the 75-year-old birthday boy

CLEVER CARTRIDGES Claus Krönke returns to the patent office in search of unreleased film cassette designs

THE SINGLE-8 REVOLUTION Ignacio Benedeti reveals new film stocks for fans of the Fuji 8mm system

GREAT SOUND WITHOUT WIRES Oliver Kochs discusses radio transmitters with an expert

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR and a chat from the 8mm cine forum, UK

NEW: There is now a pdf subscription for on-line only readers (US $ 30/Euro 24.95).