11:05 16/05/2005


The Kef THX Ultra speaker package made a return primarily for the Super 8 "Master and Commander The Far Side of the World". Pioneer THX Ultra amplification.


10:00 Doors open at the usual time. Mad rush for the dealers stands and the bring and buy before the first show at...

11:15 The Disney Show. A nod to the 50th anniversary of Disneyland with a Disney one-reeler; fortunately one without that annoying 'Small World' song so beloved by the Walt Disney studio but which gives everyone else 'the pip'! Plus "Johnny Appleseed" recently released by Classic Home Cinema.

11:45 Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Super 8: Two promos (faded) from Eumig, one of which shows the Eumig manufacturing process. 18fps and 24fps.

12:15pm The New Releases Show Including a wartime two-reeler from Classic Home Cinema, Universal horror trailers and a short CGI item plus the new Peal and Dean opening and closing from Derann Film Services.

14:00 The 'Scope New Releases Show James Bond extracts from Classic Home Cinema and the latest Star Wars trailer, Matrix and Master and Commander from Derann. Since a recorded print of Master and Commander was not available in time we are screening a mute test reel, crystal sync' locked to DVD - THX sound at its best - hold onto your socks, it's bound to be noisy!

15:00 The 16mm News Theatre Show 60 non stop minutes of pure nostalgia: adverts, cartoons, 1945 newsreel, daysets, Bond trailers, 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' extract (with trailer) plus the title credits and clips from 'Live and Let Die' with music by Wings. We think this is one of our best ever compilations and great entertainment! The 60 minutes flashes by - worth the price of admission on its own!

16:20 The 3D Show And back by popular demand "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" but this time on 16mm. You've seen it on Super 8, is the 16mm any better? You decide. Plus special digital 3D compilation including 1930's footage and the trailers for "It Came From Outer Space" and "The Maze" in eye-popping 3D. If that's not enough there are 3D captions and a 3D roller coaster ride - Ticket included with your price of admission! Not to be missed and only seen at the BFCC!

16:55 The Digital Show "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" extract. It was our intention to screen a 35mm section from this stylistic CGI movie with a difference. Unfortunately a suitable print was not obtainable in time so we are digitally screening the opening sequence.

The convention was orgainized by Keith Wilton with the help of John Bird, John Clancy, Susanne Clancy, Agnello Guarracino, Mark Wilton, Patrick Moules, Nerys Moules, Bryan Haynes, Kevin Faulkner and Ricky Daniels.

Jean-Marc Toussaint came over from France for the day.