MISSION TO MARS 1x200ft colour sound scope (available from Classic Home Cinema) Running time 3 minutes

“For centuries we’ve searched for the origin of life on Earth... We’ve been looking on the wrong planet.” This is the premise for the latest release from Director Brian De Palma which Touchstone Pictures expected to be a blockbuster. Sadly the critics killed it and the film came and went with very little opportunity for anyone to see it.

This trailer is first class and appeared on Super 8 long before the movie appeared in theatres; this was fortunate as without having seen it I wouldn’t have made the effort to see the film. It wasn’t disappointing and not nearly so bad as journalists would have you believe. The only major criticism I have is that the ending was extremely poor but then I have the same criticism with many modern films so this wasn’t any surprise.

The reel opens with the latest Odeon dayset - “Book your tickets by phone”... “Enjoy something to eat”... “Something to drink”... “Welcome to Odeon Cinemas” etc.. Worth buying the reel for this even if you don’t care for ‘Mission to Mars’, but I think you will once you see this trailer. It starts with a broadcast from Mars Base where the excited astronauts claim to have possibly found water. If they are correct they have found the answer to permanent colonisation of the red planet. We are then treated to a selection of short sequences from the film which include a barrage of effects shots to keep us collectors happy. Easy to spot some of the stars amongst these shots, namely Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins and Jerry O’Connell (from the ‘Sliders’ TV series). Has a 2001 influence about the film and looks absolutely spectacular on a big home scope screen.

Outstanding picture quality and good sound. And no, the print isn’t turning red!!!

Print A/A* Sound A John Clancy