LORD OF THE RINGS trailer/BAFTA AWARDS COMMERCIAL 1x100ft colour sound

An interesting reel that opens with a Bafta awards advert hosted by Steven Fry. No doubt this has some interest for all us avid film enthusiasts amongst its short running time but of most interest to me was the location of the filming, namely one of my favourite local cinemas the Odeon Leicester Square. The organ is even featured as it rises from beneath the stage.

The Lord of the Rings trailer is a pre-release item but has some vast sweeping shots from the finished film. It’s masked to 2.35:1 and has good sound. The print is not quite up to the standard of the Hannibal or Castaway trailer reels but certainly good enough to include in any shows between now and the movie’s release. Interesting that the future sequels are also detailed as being released at Christmas 2002 and 2003 respectively – they’d better hope the first film does well.

There is also a terrific Odeon dayset “Welcome to Odeon; Fanatical About Film” variety sandwiched between the commercial and the trailer. This sequence alone has convinced me to pick up a copy.

Print A Sound A John Clancy