END OF DAYS + MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 1x200ft (approx. 4 mins) Colour Sound Available from Derann

End of Days is the latest action adventure starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. And from this trailer it looks like this one is a cross between ‘The Omen’ and ‘Total Recall’. The devil is unleashed on the earth for the end of the millennium and he is seeking a human bride to complete his emergence into our civilization. Once that is requirement is fulfilled he will be unstoppable and the end of days inevitable. Some excellent scenes are included and it is another one of those trailers that leaves you wanting for more. Looks like a stunner from the collection of images here.

Mission Impossible 2 is ‘coming soon’ from director John Woo and starring Tom Cruise. This trailer has plenty of exciting shots along with some good close-ups of Tom which should keep the lady collectors and viewers happy. This release along with the scope ‘Mission to Mars’ currently have super 8 bang up to date and really give you something to show off to your audience with; so give them a treat and stick both in your next programme. The print for ‘End of Days’ on this reel is a little dark which is exacerbated by the fact that it is a generally dark film anyway; this is not the case for Mission Impossible 2 so has the edge in terms of picture quality. The definition on both is nevertheless outstanding. The sound is okay on the review copy but did not appear as good as the example shown at the recent Midlands Film Convention where End of Days produced some outstanding rumbles from the quality subwoofer used.

Print A Sound A-/B John Clancy