DINOSAUR TRAILER 1x200ft (3mins 30secs approx.) Available from Derann

The Virgin Cinemas opening included before the trailer is a real treat. It is a collage of images from some of the most successful films ever made and a ‘must-have’ for all us film collector types. One you will not grow weary of seeing, I promise you. The trailer for Disney’s forthcoming ‘Dinosaur’ is also a must-have. I had seen this previously via a video projection off a DVD at one of this year’s film events and couldn’t believe how poor it looked. This, I believe, is exactly the same trailer but being on Super 8 it is absolutely vibrant and has a lustre reserved only for film in the home market. The animation looks real for the most part and it shines out of the screen enough to make you think you are there.

The basic story is divulged in this short which appears to be the story of a baby/juvenile dinosaur snatched as an egg by one of those dastardly flying Pterodactyls and taken across water to a far away land whereupon the egg is dropped and hatches in a forest not normally inhabited by his kind. He grows up with monkeys until the global armageddon of the asteroid crashing into the earth forces action.

Let’s hope Disney haven’t ruined it for us adults by introducing the ‘cute’, wise-craking American kiddie personalities that have inflicted so many of their recent cartoons and leave us to enjoy the animation and story. We’ll soon find out. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t have been going to see it without having seen this delight available as an import from Derann. Pick up the phone and order a copy.

Picture is sumptuously stunning, sound good.

Print A/A* Sound A John Clancy