CLASSIC NOSTALGIA REEL 4 1x200ft Colour & B/W Sound Available from Classic Home Cinema

An excellent reel comprising vintage daysets, a trailer and adverts. There are both black and white and colour items included in this selection which for obvious reasons has been printed on colour stock.

The show opens with a 1930’s Hippodrome Coming Attractions dayset (girl throwing the words out of a tin) followed immediately by a British Board of Film Censors certification leading into the theatrical trailer for “Stagecoach”. This is the first film my father saw at the cinema when he was a young lad and often told me the story of the effect it had on him. The partnership of John Ford and John Wayne produced many classics and this is certainly one of them. A typical 1930’s trailer with some great titles filling the screen… “Galaxy of Star Talent”, “Here is a Film Which Must Be Seen”, “The Stirring Epic of the American Stagecoach”. Also, watch out for the silhouette of the entire camera crew after the first caption. A very good trailer which even if the rest of the reel wasn’t any good would be worth purchasing it for.

We now move to the advert section and this opens with a “Pearl & Dean Presents…” introduction followed by a dazzling colour Kia-ora commercial, a Dick Emery skit which seems to be advertising nothing and then right at the end has one of those awful cards pop up detailing a local shop, in this case ‘Musicland’ – wonderful stuff. A short for “Ambassador drinks” on sale now and then, is that June Whitfield in the worst Ovaltine ad’ you’ve ever seen? This is truly bad but is all the better for it. One of those famous Hamlet ads you had forgotten is next; this one is the robot production line where a hapless robot has his head stuck on back to front. Another Kia-ora concludes the reel before the Pearl & Dean finale.

An outstanding release. Congratulations to Classic Home Cinema for issuing such a winner. A good sharp print with good sound. ‘Nuff said!

Print A Sound A John Clancy