66th BFCC
29th APRIL 2023

The British Film Collectors Convention has risen like the phoenix after more than six years without an event.
Keith Wilton was top man as usual and with many others from the team that has brought you these fabulous film collecting events since 1976. Images of the 66th BFCC within these pages were taken by Ryan Driscoll (thank you Ryan!), Mark Williams, John Clancy, Ernie Marsh and Stuart Hillliker.
(Above) Ryan Driscoll captured the quality of Simon Nicholls 35mm presentations with this shot of the trailer for 'Evil Under The Sun'.

Video of the 66th BFCC can be seen above. Shot by John Clancy.

Simon and Holly Nicholls (BFCC organizers) supplied every aspect of the 35mm shows including their Portacine portable projector.

Above and below is the Classic Home Cinema stand. They sold out of Cresclean film cleaner and lubricant.

A good supply of dealers at the 66th BFCC included:
Classic Home Cinema
David James Manning
Joe McAlister
Renown Films
Rake Movies
Glyn Jones
Nigel Higgins
Rob Koeling
Debonair Films
Murray Paterson
Roger Godden
Graham Humphreys
Plus, 16mm titles for sale in the projection area from Simon Nicholls,
and also some choice Super 8 titles and other items from Barry Attwood of Independent 8.

Spizz Energi introducing the Laurel & Hardy show. Sadly the hall's P.A. did not work despite all the effort from Eric the caretaker.

Above: Keith of Rake Enterprises.

Bob Maynard back on the ticket desk for a while and seen here with Susanne Clancy who did ticket desk duty all day.

Above are BFCC organizers Mark Williams (left), Keith Wilton (centre) and John Clancy (right)

Above and below: A new book on the history of the Elvis movies on the Super 8 gauge. 37.99 is the cost.
To see more information and to purchase go to www.8mmelvis.com

Ged Jones (former Derann Film Services manager), Bob Maynard, Keith Wilton (BFCC organizer, seated), John Clancy (BFCC organizer) and Kevin Mifsud from Malta just to the right. Mark Norton (Super 8 projectionist) is behind to the left.
Ernie Marsh looking at Simon Nicholls' 35mm portable. Mick O'Regan (BFCC organizer) is to the left.

Mark Norton (left) on Super 8 projection duty talking to Kevin Faulkner who is part of the BFCC crowd funding team.