Super 8 is currently enjoying a bit of a revival. New releases are regularly arriving for review at the Sprocket Hole, Ealing ready for the next issue of Super 8 Film Review. Currently the number of new titles is approaching 20. A browse through past issues indicates that we are in a bit of a time machine with the volume of new releases not seen in such numbers for about ten years.

What is the reason for this renewed interest in film collecting? We have to thank Classic Home Cinema and Derann for making the titles available but if the market wasn’t there then they wouldn’t be making the investment. The proliferation of information now available on the internet would appear to be sparking peoples interest and assuming events such as our own British Film Collectors Conventions continue to offer collectors, particularly those new to the hobby, a wealth of dealers, products and films to choose from along with an impressive programme of film shows, then we would hope that this interest will be maintained and fuel the growth of the hobby in the future.

If you do not subscribe to the magazine 'Film For The Collector' (which incorporates Super 8 Film Review) now would be a good time to start. It is also a very important factor to the hobby and the only A4 film collecting magazine still produced.

Film For The Collector is published by Derann Film Services Ltd., 99 High Street, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 1QP
Tel: 44 (0)1384 233191

More good news for Classic is their newly available imported release Chubbchubbs has just won the oscar for the best animated short film. Classic Home Cinema, 51 Cambridge Street, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire DN35 8HD
Tel: 44 (0)8707 446798