The convention of 11th May 2002 can be considered a success on all fronts. Around 350 paying attendees, two dealers halls reporting from good to exceptional business, and seven film shows from three gauges on the BFCC's cinema sized screen. Also, the debut performance of the new Fumeo projector which proved a surprisingly oversubscribed, popular attraction.

Actor Brian Murphy (right) poses with organisers Keith Wilton (centre), John Clancy (left) in front of the portable Xenon 35mm projector.

The Meccano Set From Hell!!!

The Finished Article complete with its masking and lighting ready for the Super 8 scope show.

Setting up the event was not all plain sailing. One of the Victoria Hall's curtain rails had broken and the only way of getting them closed was a very high ladder and plenty of sticky tape. Plus, lots of us shouting words of encouragement and advice to that Mr. Wilton all alone up that very high ladder!